Laura Michelle – Novel With No End

When Laura Michelle was not quite 2 years old, her dad suffered a massive heart attack. By some miracle, he received one of the greatest gifts a person can receive, he received a heart transplant. It was because of this amazing and generous gift that Laura ever even got to know the amazing man her father was. Unfortunately, when she was 11 he went into kidney and liver failure. He spent the next 4 years on dialysis for his kidneys and was put on the transplant “list” for a kidney and liver transplant. Sadly, he never received the organs in time and he passed away when she was only 15. It was a devastating blow to her entire family, but took an emotional toll on the 15 year old who was a major “daddy’s girl”. The song “Novel With No End” is Laura starting to express words and feelings of how devastating a loss it was.

When her mother decided it was time to sell Laura’s childhood home, she decided she would shoot the video in the empty house with only the family photos she insisted they take just months before her father passed away. This video is a sort of goodbye video. A goodbye to an era. To a time in her life that although was hard, it was the happiest she ever remembers being.

Because of her unique childhood and the amazing gift her father did receive, Laura has partnered with Donate Life America. They have made her the FIRST National VOICE or Donate Life America. The “Novel With No End” single is available where digital media is sold and in honor of her father, she is donating ALL proceeds to Donate Life America. Here is the link to buy it on iTunes:

Laura chose to release this music video on April 1 for 2 reasons. 1. It is the anniversary of her father’s passing. 2. It is the first day of Donate Life Month.
For info on Donate Life America visit

To register as an organ and/or tissue donor visit Laura’s Donate Life page at Even if you are already a donor, you can fill it out again.

You can also register at

Laura Michelle’s Socials are the following…
Instagram: LauraMichelle26
Twitter: LauraMichelle26
Snapchat: LauraMich26

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