OPTICAL ILLUSION #GreekFaceAwards TOP5 | Lego Nightmare | by TheDameOClock

Hello loves! 🙂 That’s my entry for the final round of #GreekFaceAwards and the chalenge is “Optical Illusion”. Have you ever experienced the pain of stepping over Legos? I got inspired by extremely violent Legos to create this Villain. Directed by Themis Fad http://rawrec.com/

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME from Monday 26th till Tuesday 27th on http://www.nyxcosmetics.gr/faceawards/
Huge thanks to NYX Cosmetics Greece and all our great sponsors, Clarisonic, MIGATO, Redken, Ugly Bell, Beauty Diaries, LadyLike and to all of you for your endless love and support!

Fan fact: I am no body painter and this contest was the chance to discover the beauty of this art for first time. So this is actually my 3rd time doing body painting and I enjoyed it so much! 🙂

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