ROTTING CHRIST- Ἐλθὲ Κύριε-(Elthe Kyrie)

Published on 10th of December 2015
Song from the album “Rituals”
Music & Lyrics by Sakis Tolis
Released from Season Of Mist
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Humpback Whales @ Roca Partida, México – Pelagic Life

“The whale on the left is an adult female. The one on the right is her male escort. We were on our way to Roca Partida when we heard that the female’s calf had been attacked by a few killer whales. When we got there, the mother was inconsolable. The male was trying to comfort her by touching her gently, but it was useless. Some of you may already know this, but it’s only the male whales who sing (while mating), so this was obviously a devastating and silent moment. The man holding the camera on the video is my father.”