Playing with 1000 mini magnetic balls! (pt. 4, satisfying buckyballs and ASMR)

Magnetic Balls aka buckyballs are back! This time these magnetic balls are in some cool colours, and I’ve got lots of them! I’ve also put some nicer ASMR into this one by request. Continuing the series with oddly satisfying magnetic videos because they’re my favourite. These little balls, also known as neoballs, buckyballs, zen magnets or magnetic spheres, are better than any sort of fidget toy out there. You can see these satisfying magnetic balls come in cases of 216 (with a plastic card). So with 7 packs, I’ve got 1512! These magnetic spheres are N42 neodymium magnets that are quite strong. You can make some cool magnetic ball tricks or magnet ball creations with them, like I show in the video. Subscribe for more awesome magnet videos! These are 5mm buckyballs.

Get the magnets here:

You can make all kinds of shapes with these small magnetic balls, including cubes, spheres, other balls and cool geometric patterns. In this video, I demonstrate how these buckyballs can be used to make cubes and stack them into different shapes. I wanted to get the coloured versions of the magnet balls just because they look nice in photos and are colourful. In this video I use the following colours of the buckyballs: green, gold, silver, red, blue, black and charcoal. I got these small magnetic balls from OMO Magnets which you can get from the link below.

Some people have said that the sounds are like nails on a chalkboard, but others love the ASMR of it, so let’s see how this one goes! I think the sounds add some relaxing tone to it and definitely does add that ASMR. Maybe this is good ASMR for your sleep? Its lots of tapping and no talking. These balls make some good ASMR clicking sounds. I use a plastic card to separate the buckyballs because it’s much easier to do this than separate them with your fingers, and a plastic card comes with each set.

This is part 4 of the series, check out the other ones in my playlist! And if you’re still here, hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Thanks for supporting my channel. You’ll love what is coming up!

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