Storm/Hurricane Friederike with up to 63 Knots Crosswind and 20 go arounds or touch and go

For me it was the most spectacular filming of aircrafts during a hard and gusty storm with amazing crosswind landings. This storm/hurricane Friederike with up to 63 Knots crosswind at DUS Düsseldorf airport in Germany was the hardest storm after 11 years in Europe/Germany and many airports was closed. Düsseldorf was open all the time, but about 20 planes aborted the landing go around or did a touch and go. Some pilots did a great job and landed the aircraft during these extreme conditions with spectacular and skilled handling.
Used Equipment:
– Video cutting software: Magix Video Deluxe “PRO X”
– Heavy Mantona Tripod
– Panasonic HC-V757
Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX90V
– Rhode directional Microphone
Planes in the crosswind storm video:
Emirates A380, Delta B767, ANA Boeing 787, Dash8, A320 …

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