WARNING GRAPHIC: Dashcam video of police involved fatal shooting, Atlantic City 3/27/2014

Following a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, that dashcam footage of fatal police involved shootings should be released in most cases as a matter of public interest, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is releasing dashboard camera footage of the March 2014 police-involved shooting death of a Williamstown man in Atlantic City.
On June 23, 2015, an Atlantic County Grand Jury reviewed the evidence of the March 2014 police-involved shooting death in Atlantic City of Antoquan T. Watson, of Williamstown and declined to bring criminal indictments against the police officers involved.
A nationally renowned expert on police use of force reviewed the evidence gathered during the course of the investigation, inspected the scene, and inspected all physical evidence. This expert concluded that the use of force by police officers under these circumstances was lawful, and consistent with all applicable law enforcement guidelines and standard police training.


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